1911 b. Daniel Ungemach in Strasbourg.
    Took his mothers surname on parents divorce.
    Studied philosophy at the Sorbonne.

 1929 Mary Jane Gold arrives to stay in his mothers house.
    Worked in Paris at the Prefecture de Police.
    Committed Socialist.

 1934 Spent evenings at apartment of Alexander Werth ->; Paris correspondent for Manchester Guardian. 
     He took Mary Jane Gold and Theo along with him.

 1936 Helped Victor Serge get a residence permit.
    m. his English girlfriend Theo Benedite. 

 1938 b. of son Pierre (Peterkin). 

 1940 Serving as a translator with the First division of the British Expeditionary Force.
    Aug. Demobilized. Moved to Languedoc.
    Receives letter from Mary Jane Gold telling him to come to Marseilles to help 
    with anti fascist refugees.
    Oct. Employed by Varian Fry (with Theo). 
    Living at Villa Air-Bel. 
    Introduces Fry to Jean Gemahling.

 1944 Liason officer between high Command Allied Forces  and the prefects of Var and Basse-Alpes.

 1945 Executive director of Franc-Tireur.

 1947 divorced from Theo.

    See (FR).

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