1884? b. June 25th. in Mannheim 
    Art Dealer and Patron.
    He was among the first champions of Pablo Picasso, Georges Braque and Cubism.
    Initial purchases included works by Kees Van Dongen ->, Andre Derain, Fernand Leger, 
    Georges Braque, Juan Gris?, Maurice de Vlaminck -> and he championed burgeoning 
    artists such as Andre Derain and Alberto Giacometti.
    Lived for a time in the Bateau Lavoir.

 1902 Moved to Paris.

 1905 Moved to London.

 1904 Nov; m. Leontine Alexandrine Godon, called Lucie.

 1907 Returned to Paris.
    Bought Andre Derain's entire studio. 
    Pablo Picasso joined his gallery.
    July; opened his Gallery.

 1910 Portrait by Pablo Picasso.

 1914 Moved first to Rome then Switzerland.

 1920 Feb; Returned to Paris.

 1921 Represents Elie Lascaux ->; See (work ->) who was introduced to him by Max Jacob.
   Sept. Opens Gallerie Simon with his friend Andre Simon; His stepdaughter Louise starts work there.

 1922 became Andre Masson's dealer.
    Meets Joan Miro.
    Commissions poems from Antonin Artaud.

 1923 Jean Dubuffet introduced to him by Juan Gris?.

 1924 Stages first one man show by Andre Masson at his Galerie Simon.

 1926 His stepdaughter Louise Godon marries Michel Leiris.

 1941 July; sells step daughter Louise his Gallery renamed as Galerie Louise Leiris.
    During World War II Kahnweiler and his wife survived in hiding near Limoges. 

 1945 Returned to Paris

 1979 d. January 11th. in Paris.

    Kahnweiler: My Galleries and Painters -> (2003).

    See wiki ->.

    See Timeline