1942 - 1944 a Periodical founded by Wolfgang Paalen, published in Mexico City, 
   and distributed in New York, Paris and London

   Only six issues of DYN were ever produced. 
   # 2; Eva Sulzer, Manuel Alvarez-Bravo.

 1943 # 4 - 5 was a double issue dedicated to Indian and Pre-Columbian art of the Americas. Eva Sulzer.

   DYN's editorial board enlisted a number of associated thinkers and artists, including 
   Miguel Covarrubias ->, Cesar Moro, Henry Miller ->, Anais Nin, 
   Gordon Onslow Ford, his wife Jacqueline Johnson, and Robert Motherwell. 
   Each edition covered various subjects and themes, such as poetry, plastic arts, 
   anthropology, science, (and) philosophy, and was lavishly illustrated by a wide 
   range of artists, including Manuel Alvarez-Bravo, Alice Rahon, William Baziotes, 
   Robert Motherwell, Roberto Matta, Jackson Pollock, 
   Harry Holtzman and Henry Moore.

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