Karol Baron - Painter
 Bohuslav Brouk - Poet - Writer - Psycoanalyst
 Vratislav Effenberger - Writer 
 Jindrich Heisler - Poet - Photographer
 Emila Medkova - Photographer - Female
 Jaroslav Jezec? - Composer?
 Jiri Kolar - poet - Collagist
 Juraj Mojzis - Writer - Film maker
 Albert Marencin - Writer - Poet - Collagist 
 Vitezlav Nezval - Writer
 Jindrich Styrsky - Painter - Poet - Photographer Collagist
 Karel Teige - Poet - Collagist -Intellectual - Type designer
 Walter Serner - Writer
 Jan Svankmajer - Film Maker
 Tita - Painter - Female
 Toyen - Painter - draftsman and illustrator - Female
 Melchior Vischer - Writer - Theatre director
 Frantisek Vobecky - Photographer - Photomontage

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 1932 Výstava Poesie 1932, Manes gallery, Prague.
   Authors of exhibited works were Hans Arp, Salvador Dali, Max Ernst, 
   Alberto Giacometti, Giorgio de Chirico, Paul Klee, Andre Masson, 
   Joan Miro, Wolfgang Paalen, Gaston Louis Roux, Alberto Savinio and 
   Yves Tanguy. 
   Among the exhibiting Czech artists there were Emil Filla, Adolf Hoffmeister, 
   František Janoušek, Vincenc Makovský, František Muzika, Josef Šíma, 
   Jindrich Styrsky, Toyen, Alois Wachsman, Hana Wichterlová and 
   Bedřich Stefan.  

  1934 March Czech Surrealists group came into being.

   In 1992? the Prague group also counted among its members
   Karol Baron, Frantisek Dryje, Jakub Effenberger, Jin Koubek, Ivo
   Purs, Martin Stejskal, Ludvik Svab, Albert Marencin, Blasek Ingr
   and David Jarab, while Bruno Solarik operated from Brno and Jubaj
   Mojik hailed from Bratislava (in what is now Slovakia). 
   A group has also been set up in Moravia; it publishes a journal, Intervence
   (Intervention), and its leading lights include Katerina Kubikova,
   Katerina Pinosova, Bruno Solanik and Lenka Valachova. 
   Zavis Kalandra, who of all the revolutionary political figures
   was the most open to the Surrealist project and for the most part
   made it his own—had to submit to the most monstrous display of
   “confessions” before being executed in 1950.

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