1940 - 1941
   La cooperative de la rue des Treize Escaliers
   Bakers' cooperative founded in Marseilles by Sylvain Itkine and his brother Lucien 
   The Surrealist members used to gather at the Villa Air-Bel on Sundays.

   24 members possibly
   Georges Malkine, Jacques Herold, Eugene Miloslavsky, Louis Arbessier ->, 
   Sylvia Bataille, Frederic Delanglade, Oscar Dominguez, 
   Jean Ferry, Gilbert Lely,   Francis Lemarque ->, Fabien Loris ->, Jean Malaquais ->, 
   Jean Mercure, Lola Mouloudji,
  Freddy Neuman, Frederic O'Brady, Benjamin Peret, Vlady Serge. 

   It is estimated that between 180 or 200 was the total number of people who benefited 
   from this Cooperative.

   During a police interrogation early in 1942 Jean Rougeul, who together with Guy and Sylvain Itkine 
   was one of the three leaders, replied, 
   we do believe that we asked any applicants if they were Jewish or not. 

 1942 Forced to close.

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