1911 b. Oct 21st Budapest, Hungary as Csizi Weisz Schwarz aka Emerico Weisz.    
    Hungarian born Photographer, childhood friend of Robert Capa -> and Kati Horna.

 1931 Forced to leave engineering college because he is Jewish.

 1933 Leaves Hungary for Paris via Berlin with Capa.
    Meets David Seymour -> in Paris.

 1936 Photographing on the front with the Republican forces in Spain.

 1939 La Maleta Mexicana. See ->
    Develops many of Capa's photographs and takes to Bordeaux what became known as the The Mexican Suitcase ~> 
    which then became lost for 53 years.

 1940 In Paris, working for Capa at Magnum.
    Helps Remedios Varo free her ex husband Gerardo Lizarraga from a Nazi internment camp in Angeles Sur Mer.
    Interned in Morocco for three months.
    Returns to Marseilles.

 1942 Reaches Mexico with the help of Capa.

 1944 Through his friends Remedios Varo and Benjamín Peret? he meets Leonora Carrington 
    in the house of Kati Horna and her husband Jose.

 1946 m. Leonora Carrington in Mexico City.
    photograph ~> together with, Gerardo Lizarraga, Jose Horna, Remedios Varo, 
    Gunther Gerszo, and Miriam Wolf. 

 2007? Jan. d. Mexico.

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