1903 Aug. 19th. b. Lima, Peru as Alfredo Quíspez Asín Mas.

   Peruvian  Poet and Painter
 1921 Signed his first painting as Cesar Moro.

 1925 Went to Paris.

 1927 Exchanging ideas with Andre Breton, Paul Eluard, Benjamin Peret, 
   and, outside the surrealist group, Henri Jannot and Simone Jannot.

 19238? Published in the Peruvian periodical Amauta no. 14 (April 1928), which printed 
   “Oráculo” (“Oracle”), “Infancia” (“Childhood”), and “Following you around.”

 1933 Wrote in the -war manifesto La mobilisation contre la guerre n’est pas la paix.

 1934 Returned to Lima.
    Pamphlet CADRE (Comité de Apoyo a la Repúbica Española [Support Committee of the 
   Spanish Republic]) confiscated.

  Adorée au grand air -> collage.
   Organized a Surrealist exhibition -> with Chilean artists María Valencia?, Jaime Dvor?, 
   Waldo Paaraguez?, Gabriela Rivandeneira? and Carlos Sotomayo?.

 1938 Flees harrassment to Mexico City.   

 1939 Befriended Wolfgang Paalen, Alice Rahon, Eva Sulzer, Xavier Villaurrutia ->, 
   Remedios Varo, Gordon Onslow Ford, and Leonora Carrington.
   Became very involved with DYN. 
   Love letters and poems to Antonio.

 1940 In Mexico city with Wolfgang Paalen and Andre Breton organized the 4th. Exposición 
   Internacional del Surrealismo.

 1944 Lettre d’Amour with frontispiece by Alice Rahon.

 1948 Returned to Peru became a close friend with French writer André Coyne' (Sp) ->. 

 1956 Jan. 10th. d. Lima.

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   Poetry in Spanish -> and also -> - he wrote most of his poems in French. 
   Poems in Spanish ->.
   See also -> (Sp.)
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