1885 b. September 20th. as Carolina Goldstein in  Călăraşi (Romania). 
   Romanian Writer and Poet involved with Dada.

 1914 Arrived in Paris. Publishes poetry volume La Lanterne magique.

 1919 publishes Tournevire ->.

 1920 One of the signatories to the 23 manifestoes of the Dada movement published 
   in Litterature #13.
   May; Editor / director and contributor to the single issue Projecteur]\21 May? 
   first edition. see also ->.

 1921 Appears as the only women in a photo of Paris Dada group.

 1924 Oct; writes to Tristan Tzara wanting to know why she has been ommited 
   from his history of the Dada Movement.

 1937 m. Paul Dermee; see ->.

 1951 Death of Paul Dermee. 

 1952 December 23rd d. Paris. suicide.

   Dada's Women -> - Ruth Hemus (2009). 

   See wiki -> and in  French ->.

   See Timeline