1891 b. April 20th in  New Rochelle, New York, Mary Phelps Jacob, 
   known as Polly.  
   American Art Patron and publisher.
 1910 Invented the first modern brassiere to receive a patent and gain 
   wide acceptance.

 1915 She married the well-to-do Richard R. Peabody ->.

 1920 Met Harry Crosby?.

 1922 m. Harry and moved to Paris.

 1924 Took the name Caresse.

 1925 They began publishing their own poetry as Éditions Narcisse 
   in exquisitely printed, limited-edition volumes.
   Early patron of Max Ernst. 
   They became instrumental in publishing some of the early works of many emerging 
   authors who were struggling to get published, including James Joyce, 
   Kay Boyle, Ernest Hemingway, Hart Crane, D. H. Lawrence, Rene Crevel, 
   T. S. Eliot, and Ezra Pound.

 1928 Founded with Harry the Black Sun Press ->. 

 1929 Affair Henri Cartier-Bresson.
   Friends with many of the eminent authors of her time, including Robert Duncan, 
   Anais Nin and Henry Miller.
   Suicide of Harry.

 1945 Publishes the quarterly (Irregularily) 'Portfolio'': 
   An Intercontinental Quarterly. 
   She secured contributions from a wide variety of well-known artists and 
   writers, including Jean Paul Satre (The End of the War), Robert Lowell, 
   Albert Camus (Letter to a German Friend, his first appearance in an English- 
   language publication), Henri Matisse, Weldon Kees, Paul Eluard, 
   Pablo Picasso, Rene Char, Henri Cartier Bresson?; Louis Aragon, 
   Kay Boyle, Gwendolyn Brooks, Sterling A. Brown, Charles Bukowski, 
   Jean Genet, Natalia Ginzburg, Victor Hugo, Henry Miller, Eugenio Montale, 
   Anais Nin, Charles Olson, Francis Ponge, Kenneth Rexroth, 
   Arthur Rimbaud, Yannis Ritsos, Jean-Paul Sartre, Karl Shapiro, Stephen Spender, 
   Leo Tolstoy, and Giuseppe Ungaretti. 
   After the sixth issue, she ran out of funds and sponsors. 
   This was her last major publishing effort.

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