1926 Founded by Christian Zervos.

 1926 - 1931 Artistic director Stratis Teriade.

 1935 Shuzo Takiguchi number 5-6 writes an article on Surrealism in Japan.

 1937 Special edition on Max Ernst.

 1941 - 1946 interrupted by war.

 1960 Ceased publication.

    Among the featured and contributing artists:
    Pablo Picasso, Fernand Leger, Max Ernst, Raoul Dufy, Marc Chagall, 
    Constantin Brancusi, Van Gogh, Paul Klee, Henri Laurens, Moholy-Nagy, 
    Jean Lurçat, Joan Miro, Alexander Calder, 
    Victor Brauner, Giorgio de Chirico, Marcel Duchamp, Man Ray.

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