1940 Sept; Varian Fry opened the office for the Centre Americane de Secors (CAS) 
    at 60 Rue Grignon, Marseilles.
    Staff; some of whom were invited to live at Villa Air-Bel
    Danny Benedite was his chef de cabinet; 
    Theo Benedite became one of Fry's asistant.
    Mary Jane Gold was an interviewer and courier as well as sometime financier.
    Jean Gemahling.
    Marcel Verzeano medical officer.
    Charlie Fawcett security and guard.
    Lena Fischmann, secretary to Fry. 1941 Feb; left for Lisbon.
    Albert Hirshmann (Beamish).
    Miriam Davenport.
    Heinz Oppenheimer, bookkeeper; left by ship spring 1941.
    Anna Gruss, secretary.
    Gussie; office boy, waif found and "adopted" by Miriam Davenport.

 1941 New staff.
    Charles Wolff.
    Lucie Heymann, secretary to Fry.
    Jacques Weisslitz.
    Paul Schmierer, friend of Danny Benedite from the Paris prefecture.
    Vala Schmierer, (part time).

    Feb; Vichy began to permit exit permits and visas to Martinique.
    Feb 18th. 15 people including Andre Breton, Jacqueline Lamba, Aube, Victor Serge, 
    Vlady Serge, Wifredo Lam and Helen Holtzer? leave by ship for Martinique.
    April;  12 people including Andre Masson and his wife leave on a ship to Martinique.
    The F -Route operating across the Pyrenees from Banyuls by Hans and Lisa Fitko is . 
    Spring Jean Arp leaves for Switzerland.
    Three more ships carry another 118 people to Martinique.
    In May; over 1,000 people passed through CAS.
      1st. Max Ernst crossed to Spain by train.
      16th. Jacques Lipchitz? escapes.
    Nov; Benjamin Peret and Remedios Varo on a ship to Mexico.

 1942 Philosopher Jean Malaqais left for Venezuela.
    May 14th. Marcel Duchamp leaves by ship to Casablanca then to New York.

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