1906 b. Venice.
     Italian Painter
     I am an old Etruscan he says, I grind my pigments and I make my distemper with egg. 
     Studied Florence, New York, Paris and Brussels.

  1930 Arrives in Paris, he strikes up a friendship with italian artists of Montparnasse : 
     Giorgio di Chirico, Severini, Camigli, Magni, Magnelli, Leonor Fini.

  1938 Namiddag ->.

  1939 m. Suzanne van Damme.

  1946 The beginning of forms.
     Paul Colinet and  Marcel Lecompte publish ''Bruno Capacci. Trente reproductions de 
     tableaux et un portrait du peintre''. 

  1947  Invited by Andre Breton and Marcel Duchamp, he provides original artwork 
     for the catalogue -> of Le Surrealisme en 1947 or Please Touch.
     shown at Galerie Maeght, Paris.
     Provides drawings for Paul Colinet's book Ecriture. 

     Later he joined more the Belgian Surrealist Group.

  1996? d. Paris.

     See Timeline