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 1906 b. in Holland of Polish Jewish Ancestry.
   Younger sister of Tylia Perlmutter. 
   Dutch, Model.

 1921 Arrived together in Paris and became models.

 1922 Frequently seen on the terraces with Kiki.

 1923 Affair -> with writer Raymond Radiguet the lover of Jean Cocteau. 
    Radiguet died of typhus that year at the age of 20.
    Bronia Modelled for Kisling ->; Man Ray - See photo~>; 
    Nils Dardel -> See painting ->; 
    Berenice Abbott See photo -> and Thora Dardel ->.
    Modelled clothes for designers Paul Poiret and .
    Both sisters had parts in Jaque Catelain ->'s film Galerie des monstres Video ->.  
    Tylia was a juggler and Bronia a dancing doll.

    1924 New Years eve spectacular; Marcel Duchamp and Bronia enact Lucas Cranach ->'s 
    painting Adam and Eve.
    photo ~> by [[Man Ray.
    Francis Picabia (one of the organizers): declared it The only painting I now find supportable.
    Rene Clair helped produce the evening.

   1925 They were Moydia and Katya in The Grande Malade by Djuna Barnes.

 1926 m. Rene Clair with whom she had a son.

 1983? d.

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