1916 Jan. 19th. b. Taplow, Buckinghamshire

   Canadian English painter, writer, sound poet, and performance artist.
  1934 Moved to Paris to study at the Sorbonne.
      Joined the Surrealists.
      Through Marie Berthe Aurenche became friendly with Valentine Hugo, Leonor Fini, 
      Salvador Dali, Pablo Picasso and Dora Maar.
      Contributor to View.

  1935 Invited to contribute to a group show of Surrealist drawings. 
      On the afternoon of the opening he arrived at the Galerie Aux Quatres Chemins to 
      find the Paul Eluard removing his pictures, acting on the orders of Andre Breton, 
      who objected to Gysin’s homosexuality, and had perceived a satirical resemblance 
      to himself in an image of a calf’s head on a poster the young painter had pasted 
      on a wall on the Rue Fontaine.
      Expelled from the Surrealists.

  1950 Visits Tangier with Paul Bowles ->.

  1954 Starts Cafe 1001 nights in Tangier.
      Employs the  Joujouka Musicians ->.
       Meets William Burroughs ->.

  1958? 1001 Nights closes. Returns to Paris. 
      Collaborates with Burroughs while living at the Beat Hotel ->

  1961 Builds the Dreammachine -> with Ian Summerville. 

  1963 Collaboration with Claude Pelieu

  1986 July 13th. d. Paris.

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