1917 b. November 22nd. in Paris, Bridget Pamela Arkwright Bate
   Educated France, Italy England
   Mexican Painter known for magic Realism.
   Mentored in drawing and painting by Giorgio de Chirico at a young age in 
   Italy, and later influenced by her mother’s friend Lenora Fini?.

 1933 moved to Paris modelled for Coco Chanel.
   Photographed by Man Ray.

 1939 Arranged marriage to Hugh Joseph Chisholm.

 1940 Introduced by Edward James, she has an affair with  Alla Nazimova ->.

 1941 Portrait ~> by Man Ray.

 1943 Student at the Arts Students League of New York.
   Anais Nin was infatuated with her.

 1944 Started an affair with Jonathan Tichenor. 
    Dec; Divorced Chisholm. 
    Shared a Manhatten townhouse with Peggy Guggenheim.

 1945 m. Tichenor.
    Fashion editor at Vogue, New York.

 1947 Invited by her cousin Edward James to visit him in Las Pozas, Mexico ->. 

 1949 Photographed with Jean Patchett -> in The Tarot Reader ->  by Irving Penn. 

 1953 Divorces Tichenor.
    Moves to Mexico. Takes up Pinting full time

 1956 c. Portrait of Maria Felix ->.
    The Surrealists ->.

 1958? Participates in the First Salon of Women's Art at the 
    Galerias Excelsior of Mexico, together with Leonora Carrington, 
    Remedios Varo, Alice Rahon, and other women painters.

 1967 Vendedor de Milagros ->

 1971? Introduced to Zachary Selig ->; who she spiritually adopts as his mentor.

 1985? Subject of a documentary Rara Avis -> about her life in Paris. 

 1990? d. October 12th.

    Selig becomes her biographer ->.
    See wiki -> and The Surrealist Cosmovision of Bridget Tichenor ->.
    See Vogue ~>and work ~>.

    See Timeline