1926 Sept. 12th. b. Rome

    Italian Painter and Poet (in French)
    Known as Bona de Mandiargues.
 1950 m. the French writer Andre Pieyre de Mandiargues.

 1953 Posed for Man Ray and illustrated some of his books.
 1958? Visited Mexico.

 1960 Posed -> again for Man Ray.

 1966 By now divorced from Mandiargues she visited her Mexican lover Francisco Toledo ->.
   Writes La Cafarde in Greece.

 1975? Published Paroles peintes V, with Francis Ponge ->, original etchings by Camille Bryen->,
    Eduardo Chillida ->, Philippe Lepatre ->, Joan Miro and Raoul Ubac.

 1986? Portrait of Unica Zurn

 1994? Portrait of Andre Breton

 2000? d.

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