1887 Sept. 1st. b. Frédéric-Louis Sauser in  La Chaux-de-Fonds, Neuchâtel, Switzerland.
    French Writer

  1904 Apprenticed toa Swiss watch maker in Russia where he started to write.

  1911 Travelled to Pars and New York.

  1912 Returned to Paris meeting Marc Chagall ->,Fernand Leger, Survage ->, Amedeo Modigliani,  
     Csaky ->, Archipenko ->, Jean Hugo, Robert Delaunay and most notably Guillaume Apollinaire.

  1913  La prose du Transibérien et de la petite Jeanne de France printed on 
     a two metre board -> and illustrated by Sonia Delaunay.

  1914 Joined French Foreign Legion.

  1915 Lost his right arm and discharged.

  1916 Work included in performances by the Cabaret Voltaire.
     The wounded Guillaume Apollinaire gives one of his poems to Philipe Soupault?. 

  1918 Portrait by Amedeo Modigliani.
     Introduced by Jean Cocteau to Eugenia Errazuriz -> who became his patron.

  1919 Published in Litterature.

  1922 Published in L'Oeuf Dur.

  1923 Yvonne Allendy examines his work in in Littérature moderne et psychanalyse.

  1924 Visits Brazil and travels with various modernists including Tarsila Do Amaral

  19131? Translated and Illustrated -> by his friend John dos Pasos ->.

  1936 Visits Hollywood.

  1940 With the British Expeditionary Force in northern France.
     Listed by the Gestapo as a Jewish writer of "French expression.

  1961 Jan. 21st. d. Paris of a stroke.

     See web-> and Metafilter -> and wiki ->.

     See Guardian ->

     The Astonished Man -> (Peter Owen Modern Classics) the first volume of his autobiography.

     See Timeline