1821 b. in Paris.  Charles Baudelaire
    French Poet. 
    Was a late Romantic and decadent.
    One of the Surrealists great Inspirations.

  1847 First read Poe.

  1852 translated a volume of Poe's tales; he also translated Thomas De Quincey.

  1857 Published Fleurs du Mal (Flowers of Evil). 
    The principal themes of sex and death were considered scandalous and the
    book was banned. 

    His art criticism was among the first written; his  most notable prose work was Artificial Paradises. 
    Infamous for his abuse of alcohol, hashish, opium and other substances.
    His work influenced the Parnassians, Symbolists, Impressionists, Imagists and Surrealists. 
    Rimbaud called Baudelaire the first seer, king of poets, a true God!

  1897 d. Paris; buried in the Cimetiere du Montparnasse.

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