1935 Dec. 20th. b. Aube Breton in Paris.
     Daughter of Andre Breton and Jacqueline Lamba
     Aube Elleouet French Collagist.

 1946 Returns to France with her Parents.
     I had not begun to see you you were AUBE, poem by her father.

 1947 Left France with her mother to live in America.

 1955 Both return to live in France.

 1956 m. Yves Elleouet. 

 1970 First collages.

 1977? First solo show.

 2000? Exhibited -> Galerie 1900|2000, Paris.
    catalogue texts Philippe Audouin, Jose Pierre, Alain Dutasta, Henri le Bellec, 
    Michel Leiris, Jean-Michel Goutier.

 2003 Together with her daughter and co-inheritor Oona; sells the contents of her 
     fathers collection at 42 Rue Fontaine, PariĀ­s.

 2006? exhibits -> Galerie 1900|2000, Paris.

 2008? Rediscovers 26 drawings of Francis Picabia in an envelope; 
     Auctioned for Nouvelles Recherches biomedicales - Vaincre le cancer.

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