1911 b. October 6th. Bogopol, Ukraine as Assia Granatouroff.
   Known as Assia.

   Dora Maar (1934)  

 1920 moved to Paris.

 1924 first modelled for Roger Schall ->. 

 1933 Schall portrait see ->.

 1934 Series of Nudes by Dora Maar published. (1 ->)in magazines such as Secrets de Paris, Le Figaro Illustre, 
   and Beautes. 
   Posed for sculptors Charles Despiau ->, see 1 ->; and Aristide Maillol -> see 1 ->; and Paul Belmondo ->, 
   and Chana Orloff ->; 
   and Painters Andre Derain, Moise Kisling, see ->; Kees van Dongen ->, Marcel Gromaire, Suzanne Valadon, 
   Henry de Waroquier, Edmond Ceria
   and Photographers Dora Maar, Ergy Landau ->; Germaine Krull and Emmanuel Sougez ->.

 1935 Acted in Les Yeux noirs -> by Victor Tourjansky.

 1937 Sculpture -> by Charles Despiau ->.

 1940 Refugee in the Free Zone. 
   Arrested and then released by Gestapo. Joined Resistance. 
   Changed her name to Granatour.

 1949 Divorced (her husband was an architect).

 1972? - 1978? exhibited works of Spiritual and Botanic interest. 
   Tapestry based on Tarot figures.

 1980 d. May 17th. Paris.

   See Assia : Sublime modele -> - Christian Bouqueret (2005). 
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