1924 b. Alexandria of Italian origin. 
    Used the pseudonym Tristan Sauvage.
    One of the first leaders of the clandestine Egyptian Trotskyist party.

 1949 Expelled from Egypt; founded a publishing house in Milan.

 1955 Friendship with Marcel Duchamp.

 1959 Publishes bilingual anthology La Poesia surrealista francese by Benjamin Peret.
    Becomes a scholar on Francis Picabia and Man Ray.

 1961 May ; organizes Mostra internationale del surrealismo at his gallery.

 1973 Publishes New York Dada.

 1974? Publishes Breton/Trotski.

 1976 His collection Meta.Morphoses illustrated by Andre Masson.

 1981? Originated the survey Anarchia e creativita.

 1986? Organized Art and Alchemy section of Venice Biennale.

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