I am perhaps the king of failures because I'm certainly the king of something.

 1887 b. in Lausanne, Switzerland as Fabian Avenarius Lloyd.
   Pugilist, Poet, and larger-than-life character; Nephew of Oscar Wilde.

 1912 starts a review Maintenant written entirely by himself.
   Possible inspiration for the Andre Gide character Lafcadio.
   Portrait by Henry Hayden.

 1913 July; credited as "Directeur" of "Maintenant".

 1914 April; issue #4 of Maintenant in which he insults all the painters 
   exhibiting in the Salon des Independants.
   April; Meets Jean Arp in Paris and Serge Charchoune in Barcelona. 
   August; billed in Athens to fight Greek Olympic champion Georges Calafatis.
   Avoiding the war (crossing on the same boat as Trotsky) he arrived in New York 
   where he met the poet Mina Loy.

 1915 part of New York Dada.

 1916 met Francis Picabia.
   Apr. in Barcelona where he fights and loses -> to heavyweight champion Jack Johnson.
   Aug. writes to Andre Level ->.

 1917 June; set up by Francis Picabia and Marcel Duchamp who got him drunk over 
  lunch; he hurled obscene epithets at his mainly Fifth Avenue society hostess audience 
  and proceeded to remove his clothes. 
  Arrested but bailed out by Walter Arensberg.
  Ran off to Canada and then to Mexico with Mina Loy who became pregnant by him.

 1918 Last seen sailing away from Salina Cruz, Mexico apparently en route for Buenos Aires.
   Presumed lost at sea.

   Gabriella Buffet wife of Picabia wrote "Arthur Cravan and American Dada" included in 
   Robert Motherwell's anthology The Dada Painters and Poets
   -> The lyrical heavyweight ->.
   See also -> and the legend ->.

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