1869? b. Nov 22nd. in Paris.
  French Writer and winner of the Nobel Prize. 
 1891 Attended salons of Mallarme. 

 1893? First travelled to N. Africa and indulged his predeliction for boys.

 1895 Met up with Oscar Wilde in Algiers.
    Married his cousin Madeleine Rondeaux, but the marriage remained unconsummated.

 1914 Anti clerical publication Les Caves du Vatican (Lafcadio's Adventures).
    allied him to the Surrealists.

 1916 Marc Allégret ->, only 15 years old, became his lover.

 1917 Regarded Lautreamont, author of Les Chants de Maldoror even more than Rimbaud 
   €” as the most significant figure, as the "gate-master of tomorrow's literature". 

 1919 Contributed to first edition of Litterature edited by Louis Aragon, Andre Breton, 
    and Philippe Soupault.

 1923 Sired a daughter, Catherine, by Elisabeth van Rysselberghe ->. (Fr.)

 1947 Nobel Prize; attended lecture by Antonin Artaud.

 1951 d. Feb. 19th. in Paris. 

 1952 The Vatican placed his works on the Index of Forbidden Books. 

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