1903 February 21st. b. Angela Anais Juana Antolina Rosa Edelmira Nin y Culmell, 
    in Neuilly, France.
    French - Cuban writer.
 1923 in Havana, Cuba, Nin married her first husband, Hugh Parker Guiler.

 1924 moved, with Guiler to Paris.

 1932 meets and begins long affair with Henry Miller, also has unconsumated affair with 
    his wife June Miller.
    Her first book DH Lawrence - an unprofessional study -> published by Edward Titus.
    Affair with her therapist Rene Allendy. 

 1933 affair with Otto Rank.
    unconsummated affair with Antonin Artaud described in Incest.

 1935 Meets Joseph Delteil.

 1936 Publishes House of Incest ->.
      Affair with Gonzalo More.

 1937 Visited by Andre Breton; - unimpressed.

 1938 David Gascoyne stayed with her in her Paris apartment.

 1939 Leaves Paris for New York.
      After the war contributed to Caresse Crosby - Black Sun Press.

 1940 Writes Delta of Venus unpublished until 1977 -   online ->.

 1942 cContributed to DYN.

 1947 Spring, published in Portfolio V. (published Paris).
      Met and moved in with former actor Rupert Pole ->.

 1943 in New York founded the Gemor Press. 

 1944 Published in DYN.
      Published Under a Glass Bell. 

 1947 Publishes Louise Bourgeois.

 1948 Meets Wolfgang Paalen in California. 

 1955 m. Pole. 

 1958? Collaborates with Val Telberg -> for republication of Incest.

 1977? d. January 14th. in Los Angeles.

 1987? Her correspondence with Henry Miller published  A Literary Passion.
      Nin often cited authors Djuna Barnes and D. H. Lawrence as inspirations. 
      She states in Volume One of her diaries that she drew inspirations from 
      Marcel Proust, Andre Gide, Jean Cocteau, Paul Valery and Rimbaud.
      Long correspondence with Alice Rahon

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