1884? b. July 12th. in Livorno Amedeo Clemente Modigliani into a Jewish family.
   Italian - Painter and Sculptor.

 1906 Moved to Paris.

 1910 Affair with Russian poet Anna Akhmatova ->.

 1914 Meets and forms close friendship with Nina Hamnett ->.
  Living with his then muse the english writer Beatrice Hastings.

 1916 painted Iris Tree
   Modigliani painted a series of portraits of contemporary artists and friends in Montparnasse: 
   ->Chaim Soutine, Moise Kisling, Pablo Picasso, Diego Rivera, Marie "Marevna" Vorobyev-Stebeslka ->, 
   Juan Gris, Max Jacob, Blaise Cendrars, and Jean Cocteau, all sat for stylized renditions.

 1917 Meets and falls in love with Jeanne Hebuterne ->.
   His only solo exhibition during his life.

 1918 Birth of daughter Jeanne ->.

 919? Nu
 1920 d. January 24th. Paris.
   A day after Modigliani's death, Jeanne threw herself out of a window killing herself 
   and her unborn child.

   All of Montparnasse turned out for Modigliani’s funeral. The same policemen who had arrested
   and harassed the artist on the streets during drunken revelry now stood at attention along 
   the funeral route, leading Picasso to comment ironically “Do you see? Now he is avenged.” 
   Looking back years later, many of his contemporaries expressed the feeling that an era had 
   ended with Modigliani’s death, that Montparnasse had lost something rare and essential.

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