1904 b. June 8th. Chenecey-Buillon, Doubs, France - 
   Alice Marie Yvonne Philippot.
   French Surrealist Painter - Writer Poet.
   Early marriage and divorce, adopted her mother's maiden name Rahon.
 1931 Met Wolfgang Paalen and was soon living with him. 
   She was inspired by his Surrealist poetry.
   Around this time meets Eva Sulzer in the baths at Baden Baden.

 1934 m. Paalen. Joined the Surrealists in Paris.

 1935 Affair with Pablo Picasso.

 1936 Travelled to India and affair with Valentine Penrose. 
   Published her poetry book A meme la terre illustrated by Yves Tanguy.
   Writes Despair to Pablo Picasso.

 1939 Published Sablier couche illustrated by Pablo Picasso.
   With her friend Eva Sulzer who financed the expedition, accompanied 
   Paalen in a menage a trois to Alaska and British Columbia, visiting the 
   coastal tribes. 
   Then travelled to Mexico where they were met by Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera. 
   At this time Rahon was instructed by Paalen in painting.

 1940 helped Paalen organise the International Surrealist Exhibition in Mexico City.

 1941 published Noir animal in Mexico.

 1942 - 1944 Involved in journal Dyn, which was founded by Paalen and  
   Peruvian Cesar Moro.
   Met again with Leonora Carrington.
   Photographed -> in Mexico city with Paalen and Sulzer.

 1943 Jan; Shows in Exhibition by 31 Women at Peggy Guggenheim's Art of 
   this Century, New York.

 1944 First private exhibition; Galeria de Arte Mexicano, Mexico-City.

 1945 Affair with Sonja Sekula.
   Feu d'herbes. ~>.

 1946 Juggler ~>.

 1947 Divorces Paalen and marries Edward Fitzgerald.
   With Fitzgerald makes short puppet film Le Magicien with scenography 
   by Luis Bunuel. Film believed lost.

 1958? Participates in the First Salon of Women's Art at the 
   Galerias Excelsior of Mexico, together with Leonora Carrington, 
   Remedios Varo, Bridget Tichenor, and other women painters.

 1955 Ballad for Fida Kahlo ~>.

 1959 Paalen commits suicide.

 1960 divorced Fitzgerald.

 1967 Man Crossed by a River hommage to Andre Breton.

 1987? d. Mexico City.

   See article  (Esp.)->.

   See Poetry ->
   Throughout her life she corresponded with Andre Breton, Pablo Picasso, 
   Anais Nin, Valentine Penrose and Henry Moore.

   See Timeline