1864? b. January 1st. in Hoboken, New Jersey.
 American Photographer and New York Gallery owner and Patron.
 1893? m. Emmeline Obermeyer.

 1900 First meets Edward Steichen.

 1905 Starts the gallery 291.

 1909 Father dies. Inherits $10,000.

 1911 Meets Man Ray.
   Exhibits Dada in his Gallery 291. Knows Walter Arensberg.

 1913 Honorary Vice President  Armory Show. 

 1914 "Aphorisms on Futurism" by Mina Loy was published in his Camera Work.

 1915 - 1916 Publishes 291, a glossy magazine with the help of Francis Picabia.

 1917 Photographed "The Fountain"  -> - R. Mutt (Marcel Duchamp); 
   which was rejected from that years Armory show and exhibited instead at 291.
   Contributes photo to The Blind Man. 
   Closed 291.

 1924 m. Georgia O'Keeffe ->.

 1946 d. July 13th. in New York of cerebral thrombosis.

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