1873? b. Sept. 8th. in Laval, Mayenne, France.
 1896 Best known for Ubu Roi which became one of the Inspirations for the Surrealists and 
  mentioned in Andre Breton's Manifesto of 1924

 1937 Ubu enchaene by the Compagnie du Diable Ecarlate at the Comedie des Champs-Elysees.
  With contributions by supporters and members of the surrealist group,   
  in praise of the pioneer Alfred Jarry : 
  Roger Blin 
  Andre Breton 
  Paul Eluard 
  Maurice Heine 
  Georges Hugnet 
  Sylvain Itkine 
  Marcel Jean 
  Pierre Mabille 
  Rene Magritte (who illustrated the back-cover), 
  Leo Malet 
  Joan Miro 
  Walter Paalen? 
  Pablo Picasso 
  Benjamin Peret 
  Man Ray 
  Yves Tanguy 
  The scenery for the play was designed by Max Ernst.

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