1898 02 July b. Lawnton, Pennsylvania
    American sculptor
 1913 part of the Puteaux Group.

 1925 The Flying Trapeze ~>

 1926 moved to Paris.
   Kiki modeled for him.
   Friends with Nancy Cunard.

 1926 - 1931? See Video of His Circus ->; New York Times article ->.

 1929 Inspired -> by Josephine Baker .

 1930 Therese Maure (Therese Treize) becomes his assistant. 
    His fiance Louisa James was in her exercise classes.
    Became friends with a number of avant-garde artists, including Joan Miro, Jean Arp.

 1931 It was while Marcel Duchamp was in his studio that the term mobile was born
    m. Louisa.

 1932 Dec. Exhibited his Bell Jar objects at Julien Levy Gallery which were 
    photographed by Lee Miller.

 1933 returned to America.

 1936 Exhibited at the International Surrealist Exhibition, London
   Later his paintings were hung in Peggy Guggenheim's London Gallery.
   White Panel ~>

 1940 Visited Kurt Seligmann at Sugar Loaf farm, New York. 
    Friends with Yves Tanguy and Kay Sage.
    Sketched Mary Reynolds and her cats.

 1941 moved to Connecticut. Luis Bunuel took the lease of his New York apartment.
    Vertical Foliage ~> 

 1947 Provides original artwork for the catalogue of Le Surrealisme en 1947 
    or Please Touch at Galerie Maeght, Paris. 

 1950 Performing Seal ~>

 1963 Sabot ~>

 1976 d. Nov. 11th. New York.

    Gabriella Picabia wrote an essay on his work, published in View magazine.

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