1891 Aug. 25th. b. Andrea Francesco Alberto de Chirico in Athens. 
     Italian writer, painter, musician, journalist, essayist, playwright, 
     set designer and composer. 
     He was the younger brother painter of Giorgio de Chirico.

 1903 Aged just 12, he earned his diploma in piano at the Athens conservatory.

 1906 On death of his father he moved to Munich with his mother.

 1907 Moved to Milan.

 1911 Moved to Paris.

 1914 Adopted the pseudonym Alberto Savinio.
   May. Introduced by his brother to Guillaume Apollinaire.

   During the war he reurned to Italy.

 1920 Meets Andre Breton and many of the Surrealists.

 1924 Thehe Metropolitan Opera of New York performed his ballet Perseus.

 1926 Moved to Paris and started to paint.

 1927 His first solo show was presented by Jean Cocteau.

 1928 La cite de promisses ->.

 1952 May 5th. d

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