1901 b. Oct 10th. in Borgonovo, near the Italian border.
   Swiss  sculptor, painter, draughtsman, and printmaker.
   His father  was a well-known Post-Impressionist painter.
   Giacometti went to the School of Arts and Crafts in Geneva, where he studied with a member 
   of Archipenko ->'s circle. 
 1919 Joined the group Artistes Radicaux, with Marcel Janco and Jean Arp.

 1920 Went to Venice for the Biennale, where his father was an exhibitor, and 
   discovered Tintoretto -> who inspired him with a kind of euphoria.

 1922 He moved to Paris to study under the sculptor Antoine Bourdelle, an associate of Auguste Rodin.
   Met Joan Miro, Max Ernst, Pablo Picasso and Balthus.

 1925 He and his brother Diego set up an atelier together. 

 1927 First one-man exhibition, at a gallery in Zurich.
   The brothers moved to the cramped studios in the rue Hippolyte-Maindron which they were 
   to use for the rest of Alberto's life. 

 1928 Exhibited two sculptures at the Galerie Jeanne Bucher.  
   Met Andre Masson and the circle surrounding him. 

 1929 Signed a contract with Pierre Loeb?, then the Surrealists' preferred dealer, 
   and this was followed by an  invitation to join the Group becoming close to Louis Aragon.
   His younger brother Diego Giacometti modelled for him.
   Friends with Joan Miro.
   The Couple
 1931 Contributed to Le Surrealisme au service de la revolution?.

 1934 First American solo exhibition opened at the Julien Levy Gallery.
   Provided engravings for Andre Breton L'Air del'eau.

 1935 Meets the artist Isabel Rawsthorne -> who becomes a muse.

 1938 Portrait of Fanny Brennan.

 1941 In wartime Paris, he made very important new friendships, with the 
   philosopher Jean-Paul Sartre -> and Simone de Beauvoir ->. 
   Moved to Geneva. 
   Paul Eluard dedicated Marines to him.

 1942 he met Annette Arm. 
   Associated with the publisher Albert Skira.
   Woman with Chariot. Isabel was the model / muse.
 1945 Published in Portfolio.
   Lived until December with Isabel Rawsthorne.

 1946 Returned to Paris and m. Annette Arm.

 1947 Man Pointing
 1951 Friendship with Samuel Beckett.

 1952 First meets James Lord his biographer.

 1960 About this time became friends with Eli Lotar who poses for him.

 1966 d. January 11th. in Chur.

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