1876 June 7th. b. Rotterdam 

 1896 Family moved to Brussels.

 1904 Living with 'Otto van Rees of the International Brotherhood.
   They lived and worked for some time in the Bateau Lavoir where she met
   Pablo Picasso and Kees van Dongen ->.

 1905 - 1906 Travelled to Italy and lived Rome where her daughter Aditya
   was born.

 1907 Gave up painting for Needlework.

 1909 Apr. 6th. m. Otto in Paris.

 1910 Second daughter Magda born.

 1912 Piet Mondrian painted her portrait.

 1914 Hourglass -> and Adam and Eve ->.

 1915 Met Hans Arp; participated in Cabaret Voltaire and  exhibited 
   in the same exhibition as Arp and Sophie Taeuber.

 1916 She had started drawing and painting again.
   Portrait Blaise Cendrars.

 1917 Jan. exhibited in the First Dada Art exhibition At Galerie Corray.  
   Among the exhibitors were Jean Arp, Marcel Janco, Giorgio de Chirico, 
   Otto van Rees, Adya van Rees

 1919 Aditya killed in a train accident.

 1959 11th. Oct. d. in Utrecht. 

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