1887 b. Donna Lecoeur
   Belgian poet 

   Affair with the sculptor Adolf Wolff who taught at the Ferrer school.

 1913 Living in an art colony in Ridgefield, New Jersey. (photo ->)
   August; Introduced to Man Ray by Samuel Halpert
   and meeting among others the poet Alfred Kreymbourg ->. 

 1914 May; m. Man Ray. 
   Introduced him to the Inspirations of Baudelaire, Mallarme, Rimbaud, Guillaume Apollinaire and Lautreamont
   published Adonism; a collaboration -> with Man Ray. See also ->

 1915 Visited in Ridgefield by Marcel Duchamp and Walter Arensberg
   published A Book of Divers Writings; 
   containing a play and six poems, which were designed, calligraphed, and hand-printed by Man Ray

 1916 moved back to New York

 1919 contributed to the single edition magazine TNT
   Separated from Man Ray; formally divorced in 1937

 1975? d.

   See Timeline