April 26th. Guernica totlly destroyed by German pilots of the Condor Legion.
  May; Paris International Exposition dedicated to Art and Technology in Modern Life
  June; Pablo Picasso hangs -> Guernica 
     in the Spanish pavilion. 
  July; -> Degenerate Art in Munich; Including Marc Chagall; Max Ernst; Paul Klee,
     Hans Richter, Kurt Schwitters 
     Degenerate Art -> opens in Munich.
    The first survey exhibition of surrealism shown in the Bay Area, Fantastic Art, 
    Dada, Surrealism, appeared at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, or SFMOMA 
    (then the San Francisco Museum of Art.
    Featured international figures including David Hare, Stanley William Hayter, 
    Jaqueline Lamba?, Alice Rahon, and the Dynaton Collective DYN, as well as 
    locally established artists such as Lucien Labaudt ~>, Jeanne Reynal ~> and Jean Varda.

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