Mutiny in the French army. General Petain takes command. 
  23 Socialist and Pacifist agitators executed.
  April; 150 miles from Paris, French casualties on the Hindenburg Line exceed 120,000.
    USA declares War on Germany.
  May; Guillaume Apollinaire coined the word surrealism
    Parade by Erik Satie and Jean Cocteau staged in Paris.
    La Jeune Parque by Paul Valery dedicated to Andre Gide
    Birth of Leonora Carrington.
    Edgar Degas dies in Paris.
    Fountain - R. Mutt (Marcel Duchamp) rejected by The Society of Independent Artists, New York. 
  Nov; Balfour declaration to establish in Palestine a home for the Jewish people.
  Bolshevik revolution begins.
  Race Riots in East St. Louis leave 39 dead.
  Population of USA passes 100 million.

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