Birth of Alice Bailly
 Birth of Elsa Schiaparelli
 Birth of Enrico Donati 
 Birth of Francis Picabia 
 Birth of Frederick Kiesler 
 Birth of Giorgio De Chirico 
 Birth of Kathe Wulff 
 Birth of Man Ray 
 Birth of Nina Hamnet 
 Birth of Sonia Delaunay 
 Birth of Victor Serge 
 Birth of Yvonne Allendy 

 Kaiser Wilhelm forces Bismark to resign.
 Cecil Rhodes becomes Prime Minister of Africa's Cape Colony. 
 He is alread head of De Beers Consolidated Golfields and British South African Railways.
 -> "Battle" of Wounded Knee. 300 Sioux massacred.
 First volume of The Golden Bough published
 July; Suicide of Vincent van Gogh.

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